m6 Theatre Company

Environmental Sustainability Policy

M6 Theatre are committed to championing environmental sustainability and responding meaningfully to the climate emergency. We work hard to understand our environmental responsibilities, minimise our impact, and monitor and report on our activities to better understand and reduce our carbon footprint. 

We aim to use our unique position and access to young people, artists and partners to influence, educate and advocate for environmental responsibility via a mix of powerful theatre interventions, education resources and leading by example in the way we work.

We are committed to ACE’s Environmental Responsibility Investment Principle and we actively engage with regional and national initiatives. Our work is informed by Julie’s Bicycle and the Theatre Green Book; we are members of the Greater Manchester Arts Sustainability Team which captures M6’s Commitment to Act supporting Manchester becoming a zero-carbon city by 2038.

A number of our staff, trustees and the freelancers we work with have completed Carbon Literacy Training.

To see our Environmental Policy & Action Plan, click here.