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Love in the Time of Corona

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Original single voice plays written for young audiences in response to the pandemic.

These films have been produced following an online competition, open to writers at any stage of their career.  The challenge was to create a short piece of drama, up to 10 minutes long, telling stories of love and life in lockdown.  

These powerful plays are accompanied by age-appropriate learning resources to download, created especially by teachers from across the region.

We are extremely grateful to Simon De Courcey,  Director of SMSC at Falinge Park High School who has created Drama, PSHE and Literacy resources for KS3, Emma Armitage (Head of Performing Arts at Ladybridge High School) who has created Drama resources suitable for KS2 and Richard Taylor (Head of Performing Arts at Abraham Moss Community High School) who has created Drama resources suitable for KS4.

Simply click on the view links below to watch (optional subtitles):

Ages 7-11

Bird Behaviour View

Britain is in lockdown and the birds are having a field day: human activity is confronted in this flight of discovery.

Writer: Sophie Parkes | Performer: Emily Spowage | Director: Gilly Baskeyfield

Monty’s Not an Alien View

"Please Mum….Listen…I really have to help Monty…he’s all on his own…he’s only got a dog and….his paper yeah…."

Writer: Katharine Jee | Performer: Luca Woodcock | Director: Naomi Radcliffe

Ages 12-14

Not The End View

Sam has been caring for his father since he was eight, Corona has robbed him of an escape route but he clings on to the one thing that keeps them both going: stories...

Writer: David Haworth | Performer: Tom Hardman | Director: Stefan Escreet

Milly’s Mum View

Milly's Mum says she will never die, her scrubs & mask are impenetrable.  Milly wants to believe her.  But Milly watches the news. 

Writer: Nicole Latchana | Performer: Lizzie Wilson | Director: Sarah Atherton

Ages 15-18

Click & Collect View *contains swearing*

In the B&Q warehouse, Steph helps her dad decide what can be considered an 'essential item' and what doesn't make the cut. 

Writer: Sophia Chetin–Leuner | Performer: Amy Weston | Director: Caroline Kennedy

This Corona Chick View

"I’m never taking outside for granted ever again. The polluted air. The dirty pigeons. The nasty TFL busses that skip your bus stop. All of it. I will never complain again."

Writer: Eden Regina Ehiojhae | Performer: Hayley Konadu | Director: Kane Husbands

Eggs, Washing Powder & Oranges View *contains racial language and description of violence*

Hate crimes against Chinese people have soared during the coronavirus pandemic but Jia is determined to keep her family safe.

Writer: Naomi Sumner Chan | Performer: Ivy Chui | Director: Olwen May

Stolen Rainbows View

"Have you seen it? - Wizard of Oz? You should. It's brilliant."

Writer: Guy Hargreaves | Performer: Vinay Lad | Director: Kash Arshad

PS Love² View

An online warzone provides a platform for Jamie to explore what he says, and what he wishes he could say, to his friends as he grapples with loneliness, growing up and masculine friendships.

Writer: Tom Hardman | Performer: Ryan Nolan | Director: Jonny Kelly

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