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The Storm


A new single voice play for all Year 7 classes in Rochdale 

Frankie really doesn’t like storms.  The thunder. The lightning. And the rain.  

The world may have changed but Frankie has the same problems as any teenager.  A Mum who’s working away. A stressed-out Dad. A sister’s birthday to shop for. 

Frankie has crossed zones to get supplies for the party, but so far nothing’s going to plan. The weather has decided to change everything.  

A storm is coming. A big one. Can Frankie get home in time? 

Set in 2050, THE STORM confronts issues surrounding climate change. Supporting both the SCIENCE & PSHE curriculum, we aim to help students make connections between the past, the present and the future whilst acknowledging  their anxieties surrounding this urgent topic. 

This proven M6 model offers participants a powerful, creative intervention to support meaningful discussion. The 20 minute performance, followed by a facilitated discussion, will fit perfectly into either a SCIENCE, PSHE or DRAMA lesson and lasts approximately 1 hour.  

As always, THE STORM will be accompanied by an education pack to assist class teachers to maximise the impact of the intervention. 



Directed by: Caroline Kennedy

Written by: Nicola Schofield

Performer: Kirsty Johnson

Sound Design: Mark Melville

Stage Manager & Workshop Facilitator: Luke Walker

Science Advisor: Pat Dower


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