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The Storm 11-16 yrs

A digital resource for KS3 & 4 that confronts the Climate Emergency.

The Storm is a powerful film with accompanying resources to ignite your pupils’ imaginations and provide space for them to share their views and deepen their knowledge of the Climate Emergency.

The year is 2050. Frankie lives with her Mum, Dad & little sister Kiki, in an imagined future world which is shaped by the effects of climate change. The weather is violent and unpredictable, and areas are separated into zones to manage supplies and resources.

Frankie has been out, planting trees and working on a rewilded farm, but she has made a stop to fix her broken bag before approaching the zone gates. When a storm hits earlier than forecast, Frankie must face her fears, manage her anxiety, and take steps to get back to her family and to safety.

The resources could be used by a single teacher but also present an opportunity for a team of teachers to work together. Step 1 could sit well with English, Drama or PSHE teachers, and Step 2 could sit well with Science or Geography teachers.

Cost: Free to Rochdale Schools, fee highly subsidised for schools outside of Rochdale. Contact admin@m6theatre.co.uk for more information.

Part of M6's Curriculum for Life Programme

How to use The Storm resources

Step 1: Ignite the Imagination

Watch The Storm film and facilitate a class discussion using the guidance in The Storm Guided Discussion Pack.

Single lesson
Approx. 1 hour

Step 2: Deepen the Knowledge

Work with The Storm Education Action Pack to help your students explore the causes and possible solutions to the Climate Emergency.

4 lessons
Approx. 4 hours


Writer: Nicola Schofield
Frankie: Kirsty Johnson
Mum: Maria Major
Director: Caroline Kennedy
Composer: Mark Melville
Set Design and Build: Joss Matzen
Lighting Designer: Jane Lalljee
Costume & Props: Alison Heffernan
Technical Support: Sharon McWilliams
BSL Interpreter: Rebekah Mills Strawson
Filmed and edited by: Tough Guy Productions
Graphic Design: Studio Tom, Dick & Harry
Science Advisor & Education Action Pack: Patrick Dower


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