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Pebble on the Beach

Ages 3+

Reuniting members of the team behind Little Gift, Pebble on the Beach is a brand new story for very young children and their families.

This playful production features all of the things that families love in a show – dancing, singing, live music and puppetry (by the superstar Shona Reppe), all wrapped up in a heart-warming tale using minimal language.

Everyone’s welcome on Al’s beach. He rents deck chairs, sells beach toys and generally keeps things ship shape. Samantha has decided to have a day at the seaside. She is shy, reserved and cautious.  Pebble the tortoise is Samantha’s best friend. He loves his shell being stroked.

When Al lets curiosity get the better of him, Pebble goes missing. But in looking for her much-loved friend, Samantha comes out of her own shell and discovers the freedom to be herself.

With an intricate set (designed by the genius Joss Matzen) and a stunning soundscape (composed by the marvellous Mark Melville), Pebble on the Beach will magically transport audiences to the seaside - a beach hut filled with treasures, ice creams, driftwood, pretty shells and the sound of seagulls and children’s laughter – to tell a tale that helps us all feel safe in the world and know that we matter.


Creator and Director: Gilly Baskeyfield

Composer: Mark Melville

Designer/Production and Touring Director: Joss Matzen

Puppet Maker: Shona Reppe


If you're interested in booking this show, please contact Joss Matzen on 01706 355898 or

Booking Autumn 2020

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